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Michelle S. Leyva is the principal behind Michelle Sanders Communications, a boutique PR, Social Media, and Marketing consultancy with wide range experience creating effective local and national campaigns for both emerging and established brands, and a genuine enthusiasm for its clients—a proven asset.


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Offering a hands-on approach as an extension of your team

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It's no secret that with today's ever-changing media landscape, Public Relations must strike a balance between traditional and new media. MSC brings to the table a wealth of contacts both locally and nationally, and works with the individual business to extend its ideal message to the target audience in the most effective way possible.



Word-of-mouth is arguably the most powerful marketing tool available to everyone, and what is Social Media but a digital form of word-of-mouth! Utilizing the power of Social Media's story-telling abilities, MSC can support your organization by creating an on-brand, relevant personality. Together we can identify key messaging, develop a strategy, create engaging and effective campaigns and promotions, generate compelling daily content, and then some. And, we'll have fun doing it.



MSC offers thoughtful brand marketing consultation, extensive planning, and superior project management that can be seamlessly folded into your over-arching communications planning and campaigning for maximum impact.


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Michelle has been absolutely brilliant to work with and has become an integral role in our daily operations. She not only goes beyond the call of duty, but her attention to detail, industry know-how and ability to get results is second to none. Under her guidance, our business profile has flourished, our audiences have grown and the general public receives a clear and consistent message that they can rely on. Our only gripe (and it’s a big one) is that we can’t have her to ourselves.
— — Chris And Fae Pink, Can Can Culinary Cabaret

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